LEARN TO LET GO: Accept the things we cannot change, take on those we can, and let go of those that seek to destroy us.


Send me your short stories and poems to be posted here! I’ve found that the therapy that works best is writing. About what bothers you, what you are going through, or whatever it may be that you have the urge to articulate. Instead of bottling it up and letting it destroy you, breathe your words onto the paper and let it go. That’s why I’m titling this community blog, “Learn to Let Go.” Here, you can talk about problems, ways of healing and dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental illness. I hope that you all can learn to cope, as I am as well.  



-Send pieces to: nicoleeasterwood@yahoo.com

-Put “LEARN TO LET GO” in the subject line.  

-Keep stories to a maximum of 1,000 words and poems to five pages.

-I will e-mail you upon receiving it and when it goes up on the blog.

Thanks guys!



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