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Memoir exerpt: "I'm in Here"

Posted by Nicole Easterwood on Friday, January 14, 2011, In : Writing 

*I didn't post the prologue because of many reasons. They are just poems. Maybe later though. For now, here is a little bit (a few poems) from PART I. I'm posting this, because I'm not scared of it anymore and I refuse to be ashamed by it.


I have to get away from here.
This place is a prison

and I’m not saying that

because they won’t let me stay out

later than two in the morning.

I miss my sister.

I miss my old life.

I miss feelin...

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"I look in the mirror and I see a stranger."

Posted by Nicole Easterwood on Monday, January 10, 2011, In : Writing 

This piece was previously featured on Samantha Schutz's (author of "I Don't Want to be Crazy" and "You Are Not Here") blog, "You Make Me Feel Less Alone."

"I look in the mirror and I see a stranger."

Nicole Easterwood

I can feel the heaviness again.
I am driving down the road
at ninety to nothing,
flooring it so I can get home,
so I don’t have to do this
in the middle of the road
My sister’s there.
She knows what to do,
what to say to me
to make me ...

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