about me

OFFICIAL: Nicole Easterwood is the author of three books: "Rollercoaster Road- A Collection of Photographs and Poetry", "Twenty Years of Snow", and "Into the Wild." She has essays and poems that have been featured on numerous websites and in anthologies. She was also a contributor to the anthology, "Oil and Water…and Other Things That Don’t Mix", benefiting relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, she has finished two novels, "Brand New Eyes" and “Such Great Heights,” and is working on a yearlong book project- “One Book a Month for a Year…Do I Sound Crazy Yet?” and a memoir, "I’m in Here." She splits her time between writing, traveling and spending time with her Yorkie Isis and cat Ophelia.

UNOFFICIAL: Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a full grown Maude (television icon)- liberal, outspoken. My second home is the library and I'm a bibliophile. I write all day and have a passion and obsession with bones and Egypt and Fanta. I have a cat named Ophelia & a puppy named Isis and two sisters named Jordyn & Jordan. I'm an indie author and ordained minister and I'm learning Sahidic Coptic and Italian. I want to live in New York City and Luxor. Oh, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favorite.


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